July 2009

PBK Executive Meeting


4 pm, July 2, 2009

Rovetta Business Building, Room 239



Joyce Simmons, Chapter President

Jeremiah Fisher, Chapter Treasurer

Elaine Hull, Chapter Secretary

George Weaver, Membership Chair

Bruce Bickley, Chapter Historian

Bob Spivey, Encouragement of Scholarship Chair

Annelise Leysieffer

James Dickson, Student Representative

Absent: Mark Winegardner, Chapter Vice President


1. Greetings and Introductions

        Joyce Simmons greeted the members of the Executive Committee and called the meeting to order at 4:10 pm.


2. Minutes of the June 28, 2009, meeting

        The minutes of the previous meeting were amended to add: “If we reopen Mr. Hardee's case at a later date, the request must come from Mr. Hardee personally, as per our bylaws."  The minutes were approved as amended.


3. Treasurer’s Report

        The Treasurer, Jerry Fisher, reported that we have $4264.42 in our checking account and $1023.15 in our savings account. He will attend the October meeting of all chapters in Austin, TX.  The National Office will pay travel and hotel costs; George Weaver moved that we pay the $90 registration fee for Jerry as well as any incidentals such as food and beverage expenses that he may incur, to be paid from our Phi Beta Kappa funds, either from the checking or from the Foundation account.  All agreed.


4. Summer, 2009, Initiation

        Time and location:  The summer initiation will occur on July 30, at 5:30 pm.  Joyce Simmons has reserved the Weichelt Lounge.  There will be no Hay Award.  Annelise Leysieffer will bring refreshments from Publix.


5. Election of Invitees for Summer, 2009, Initiation

        George Weaver had examined the records of all juniors and seniors and compiled a list of eligible students.  He brought hard copies of the list to the meeting.  There are 12 junior electees and 43 senior electees.  The list was approved unanimously.


6. Bylaws Revision Project

        Jerry Fisher distributed copies of the Bylaws with suggested revisions (attached).  Additional revisions suggested in the meeting include the following:

            Article IV, 4.01 (b): Delete the phrase, “at which time that year election shall become void.”

            Article V, 5.01: Change “compose” to “comprise.”

            V, 5.01, (a) Delete “with the exception of the President, who may serve only one term consecutively, but may be elected for a non-consecutive term in a          future election.”

            V, 5.02 (c) (i): Bruce Bickley will research the history of the Marion Jewell Hay Award.

            V, 5.02 (d): Add “Committee” after “An Activities and Fundraising.”

            V, 5.03: Change “at least once a year” to “in a timely manner when appropriate.”

            Article VI: Restore the middle paragraph, which was deleted, and change “at least four” to “at least three.”  (“The retiring president shall appoint annually a       Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three members, to nominate officers for the ensuing year.”) The remainder of the deleted paragraphs will be       revised and restored.


7. Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Status

        Joyce Simmons reported that we need to have at least 12 active students by the end of September in order to qualify for RSO status. Active students are defined as those taking a minimum of 1 credit hour for graduate students or 6 credit hours for undergraduates.  Joyce Simmons will contact Bob Loman, of The University of North Carolina, to obtain further information regarding his chapter’s student officers and bylaws.  James Dickson will remain at FSU next year and will continue to help organize the student members.


8. Nominating Committee

        Bob Spivey moved that a nominating committee, composed of Joyce Simmons, Bruce Bickley, Annelise Leysieffer, and himself, be appointed to consider the nomination of officers for the next academic year.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.


9. Adjournment

        The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm.