July 2009

PBK Executive Meeting


July 30, 2009

Weichelt Lounge, Room 220, Rovetta Business Building



Joyce Simmons, Chapter President

Jerry Fisher, Chapter Treasurer

Elaine Hull, Chapter Secretary

Bob Spivey, Encouragement of Scholarship Chair

George Weaver, Membership Chair

Annelise Leysieffer

James Dickson, Student Representative

Absent: Mark Winegardner, Chapter Vice President; Bruce Bickley, Chapter Historian


1. Greetings and Introductions

         Joyce Simmons called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm, following the summer induction ceremony.  


2. Minutes of the June 6, 2009, Meeting

         The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.          


3. Revised Bylaws

         Jerry Fisher presented copies of the proposed revisions to our chapter’s bylaws.  They include (1) a statement that anyone wishing to join more than one year after election may petition in writing to do so; (2) a section on selection of student officers; (3) a possible increase in Grade-Point Average from 3.6 to 3.65 for graduating seniors; and (4) a statement that a summer election may be made.  The change in GPA may be required, because our recent electees comprise more than 10% of graduating seniors. These changes are listed at the end of these minutes.  There were also numerous minor changes.  It was noted that we must submit the changes to the national office for approval, before they become official.  The proposed changes were approved unanimously. [Note: We agreed previously that, if we voted to allow electees to petition to join after one year from their election, we would inform Mr. Hardee, via Judge Muir, of that decision.  Thus, he may now petition in writing to join our chapter.  Bruce Bickley and Joyce Simmons should craft such a letter.]


4. Status Report on the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Process

         James Dickson reported that three junior electees who e-mailed him, and two at the induction ceremony, had expressed interest in becoming student officers.  In addition, two had indicated to Elaine Hull that they were interested in becoming active in the organization.  Joyce Simmons noted that about five graduate students had also indicated an interest in becoming more active.  Therefore, we may have the required 10 student members this coming year.  However, the RSO office is shut down until classes start, so we may not apply for RSO status until then. 


5. PBK Faculty and Community Lists

         Annelise Leysieffer has edited lists of faculty and community members of PBK to bring them up to date.  [Thanks, Annelise!]  Joyce Simmons noted that a number of pediatricians had told her husband that they would be interested in participating in PBK activities.  George Weaver suggested that we change the name from Faculty List to Campus List, which would include spouses, as well as faculty members. 


6. Additional Activities

         We need to discuss additional activities that could engage the whole campus.  We did co-sponsor Dan Chaon’s talk last spring (with the English Department), and will co-sponsor John Hildebrand next spring (with the Neuroscience Program and the Psychology and Biology Departments).  George Weaver suggested that we get recommendations about possible speakers from within our faculty.  The Parmele Program requires that we sponsor at least one social event per year for faculty members.  Joyce Simmons suggested sending the PBK faculty membership list to faculty members.  We should send an email announcement when we become an RSO.  Last year we did have a pizza lunch with junior electees to solicit ideas for activities; as a result, we held a panel discussion about choosing and getting into graduate or medical school.  However, it was noted that Nancy Marcus sponsors a much larger campus-wide discussion, Grad Quest, about that same issue.  Perhaps we could co-sponsor that discussion.


7. Role of Graduate Students in PBK

         Joyce Simmons noted that we have had eight responses from graduate students to our Blackboard posting. 


8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Elaine Hull



Major changes since the last round of amendments (changes in brackets):


Article IV, Section 4.01 (b) - "The prospective member may petition [in writing] for initiation in the chapter after one year from election."


Article V, Section 5.01 (b) - [Student Officers shall be selected by the outgoing Student Officers of the chapter, with approval by the Executive Officers of the chapter. In cases where outgoing Student Officers are unavailable or unable to select new Student Officers for the year, including the initial selection, they shall be selected by the Executive Officers of the chapter.]


Article III, Section 3.01 (d)(ii)(3) - "Grade-point Average: the student must have achieved a grade-point average of [3.65] or above in all courses taken for credit at Florida State University and in all courses

undertaken for credit towards the bachelor's degree." (was 3.60)


Article III, Section 3.01 (d)(iv)(1) – “New members in course shall be elected [at least] twice each year.  [There shall at minimum be a fall and a spring election. The chapter may also vote to hold a summer election.]”