Excellence in Teaching Award

Every year, in advance of the Spring Initiation, our Student Officers convene and autonomously honor a Florida State University faculty member with The Phi Beta Kappa Excellence in Teaching Award. The award is presented to the chosen recipient by the Student Officers during the ceremony and has been a cornerstone of our chapter's Spring Initiation Ceremonies for nearly a decade.


2010 – Dr. Nancy de Grummond (Classics)

2011 – Dr. Murray Krantz (Family & Child Sciences)

2012 – Dr. David Kirby (English)

2013 – Dr. Igor Alabugin (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

2014 – Dr. Krzystof Salata (Theatre)

2015 – Dr. Pamela Robbins (History)

2016 – Dr. Charles Upchurch (History)

2017 – Dr. Patricia Terebelski (Biology)

2018 – Melina Myers (Computer Science) & Dr. JR Harding (Education)

2019 – Dr. An-I "Andy" Wang (Computer Science) & Dr. Virginia Lewis (Classics)

2022 – Dr. Maxine D. Jones (History) & Dr. Gretchen L. Sunderman (Modern Languages)

2023 - Dr. J. Perry Howell (English) & Dr. Brittany Kraft (Biological Science)