Summer 2010 Elects



Besedick, Michael Chemical Science              
Braseth, Eric Biological Science            
Brown, Aaron Classical Archaeology         
Callaghan, Kathryn International Affairs         
Caplin, Andrea Biological Science            
Crawford, Victoria Physics                       
Degennaro, Samantha Art History                   
Dutton, Brittany Biological Science            
Eccles, Deborah International Affairs         
Falestiny, Marcel Biological Science            
Gaete, Rachel Psychology                    
Gibble, Mary Creative Writing              
Golden, Andrew Biological Science            
Hightower, Baileigh Psychology                    
Kelly, Laura Literature                    
Kermitz, Zachary International Affairs         
Li, Dongqi Chinese And Japanese          
Lloyd, Gabriella International Affairs         
Malloy, Morgan Biological Science            
McDaniel, Brian Biological Science            
Ozambela, Manuel Biological Science            
Phillips, Kristin International Affairs         
Schievenin, Brandon Chinese Lang And Culture      
Sengstock, Courtney Literature                    
Silva, Michelle Psychology                    
Sweezey, Gabriella Literature                    
Wangweerawong, Apiwat Biochemistry                  
Webb, Meghan Biological Science            
Welch, Erin Music - Liberal Arts          
Zenga, William Biological Science 



Aponte, Jose Psychology                    
Cohen, Chelsea Psychology                    
Delage, Anna International Affairs         
Finlason, Donna Creative Writing              
Folkert, Nathan Computer Science              
Furis, Charles Biological Science            
Goodyear, Abbey Biological Science            
Hall, Robert Computer Science              
Hoffman, Samantha International Affairs         
Lorenz, Amanda Actuarial Science             
Mejia, Carolina Psychology                    
Panos, Nikki Biological Science            
Selig, Kelly History                       
Silvera, James Music - Liberal Arts          
Stedman, Kaylan International Affairs         
Teichen, Alyssa Biological Science            
Tschann, Caitlen Psychology                    
Tully, Joseph Biological Science            
Vance, Dana International Affairs         
Vick, Ryan Psychology                    
Withers, Johanna Humanities                    
Yadon, Andrea Spanish